Whatsapp Online : Use Whatsapp Online On Your PC

Whatsapp Online : Whatsapp is one of popular instant messenger of the World.It is used by millions of peoples from all around the World on their phones.But we know there are many Computers and Laptop users so they also want to use Whatsapp online of their Computers.After lot of search, i found that we can use Whatsapp online on Pc so today I am sharing an article which will help you to use Whatsapp online of Computers and Laptops.We can use Whatsapp on Computers by using site created by Whatsapp inc.This site allow us to chat with our friends and other peoples from Desktops without much problems.You can checkout more Whatsapp Web below.

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Whatsapp Web is site that allow us to use Whatsapp messenger of Computers.It does not matter whatever you are using Android or iOS.It is supported by all major operating system which are iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone , Symbian etc.You just need to scan the QR code from Whatsapp Web to start using Whatsapp messenger of Computers and Laptops.You can read the complete step by step instruction below to start using Whatsapp Web.

Features of Whatsapp Web :

You can checkout important and most useful features of Whatsapp Web below.
1. It allow us to use Whatsapp online on Computers.
2. It is very easy to configure.
3. It is supported by all Operating System.
4. It does not cost any money.

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There are important features of Whatsapp Web.You can use Whatsapp online on Laptops using Whatsapp web below.

How To Use Whatsapp Online in Computers :

You can use Whatsapp online on Windows, Mac and other operating system by following below.
1. First of all, Update to latest version of Whatsapp Messenger.You need to update to latest version because older version does not support Whatsapp web.
2. After that open Whatsapp Web on your Computers.
3. After that Scan the QR code shown on Whatsapp web with your Whatsapp.You will only see the QR Scan option in Whatsapp after upgrading to latest version.
3. After successfully scanning the QR code , You will see your Whatsapp messages and other Whatsapp data on your Computers.

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Now you can use Whatsapp online of your Computers and Laptops without any problems.If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also use Whatsapp online of their Computers.If you face any problems in using Whatsapp online of Computers then report us.We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.


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